Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What went wrong?

Although I am an atheist, I grew up in religious environment. And when prompted about this by someone close to me, they tend to ask 'what went wrong'?

I think this simple question of 'what went wrong' expresses more about the topic than any answer that it might get. People don't consider disbelief to be a valid option for being raised a certain way. Certainly, CERTAINLY, something must have gone terribly wrong.

Maybe it was my attention deficit to certain things, or maybe it was my poor inclination to rote practices (this did have some bad side affects but the religion issue is not one of them). But really, I think, it was simply the observation I had of the religion.

So, when this question comes up again I think I will simply reply: "Absolutely nothing". Let the believers define themselves. It's not up to me to define the circumstances when their beliefs or teachings are THE valid course.

My first blog entry.

Yes, first time since '00 I have a page I can post junk on.

I guess I will start with the link to a 'scientific' experiment.

I just hope this will result in many years of good luck.